Human Fidelity


Human Fidelity™ (HuFi™) is the spatial platform that wirelessly transfers a person’s sensory data (Exteroceptive Interoceptive and Vestibular senses – EIV Senses) via biosensors attached on disparate locations on the body and coverts the movements into data (UBID: Unique Biocentric Data). The data is then accessible on ETPD (Enabled Third Party Devices) that communicate to a wireless platform.

This process is defined as Human Fidelity™ (HuFi™). The data is assessed by a trigonometric function whereas at least three points of data are required from the person biosensors to communicate with the Enabled Third Party Device to perform an accurate position. By definition an Enabled Third Party Device is one currently in existence or a future device that with standard capabilities of receiving wireless or solar data.

Data is usable within current and future “realities” including Physical, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed. Human Fidelity™ (HuFi™) forms a symbiotic relationship with third party devices relaying trigonometric data relevant to the location of the sensors. The number of sensors responsive is unlimited wih the lowest denominator being three depending on primed “realities” the data is deployed for. Sensors are interchangeable and responsive to movements and torque of the user.


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