Amateur v. Professional Athlete: What is the Difference?

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By now I am sure you have noticed the increase visibility on sport platforms like ESPN and Fox Sports of AAU tournament basketball games.  We can blame (and rightfully so) the father of the Ball Brothers – Lavar Ball – who has for the most part “Trumped” the media by using them as a canon to pronounce his grand plan of landing all of his sons in the NBA.  But not only is his pedigree one of champions, he also has unleashed an agenda to protect and exploit the brand of his sons (which he will let you know in a heartbeat are from his prodigious loins) into a national conversation on what exactly are the rights of the family and so called “amateur” athlete and the NCAA who for years has – for all intents and purposes – monopolized the exploits of their “student athletes”.  Lavar’s BBB (Big Ballers Brand) platform has transformed the method by which the AAU and NCAA deal with product: the so called amateur athlete.

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