ACP: Autonomous Conversation Protocol

Autonomous Conversation Protocol

The platformazation of language being digitally recorded, analyzed, and mimicked by said software for the use of replicating and predicting all manors of language, vocabulary, intonations, habitual patterns, and reactionary verbal impulses for use in conversation within isolated or dynamic environment via Third Party Enabled Devices within multiple realities: Physical, Augmented, Virtual and Mixed.

see: ALP: Autonomous Language Protocol


ex: Currently, when you receive a phone call via cell phone you are offered the following choices:

  1. Hang Up
  2. Answer
  3. Automated Text with defined responses or customize

We offer  a fourth option: Autonomous Conversation Protocol. With this option, the receiver (receiver “x“) answers the call without actually engaging personally in said conversation with recipient (recipient “y“).  The recipient is not aware they are talking to an Artificial Intelligence Voice Avatar.  Once conversation has ended, a voice mail is sent to receiver “x” along with a transcript of the conversation.

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